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Why Us

1. High efficiency

High qualified rate, high capacity, fast changing
(1) High qualified rate
Each of our independent packaging machines comes with high qualified rate, and the whole bottling line is equipped with multiple testing system. These make sure all packages are 100% qualified.
(2) High capacity
Optimized yield for single piece of equipment, coupled with the intelligent coordination system for the whole packaging line, provides 20% higher capacity than slimier machines.
(3) Fast changing
All our packaging equipment supports fast packaging size changing due to the modular design, digital marking indicator and fast installation structure.

2. Reduced manpower

Less labor, simple operation, easy maintenance
(1) Less labor
The whole packaging line is coordinated controlled, and thus only one operator is enough.
(2) Simple operation
The whole line is user-friendly designed and feature fully automatic operation. The operator can easily master the operation after simple training.
(3) Easy maintenance
The machinery structure supports simple disassembly, and thus is easy for maintenance and repair.

3. Stable running

Low failure rate, complete service system, corrosion resistance
(1) Low failure rate
High quality components are applied to stand wear and tear.
(2) Complete service system
Regular return service is available to solve the potential faults.
(3) Corrosion resistance
High quality anti-corrosion materials are applied for agrochemicals packaging machines.

4. Clean working

No drip, easy to clean, no dust or odor
(1) No drip: The filling process is well sealed and comes with recycling device.
(2) Easy to clean: No dead leg design, meeting the GMP certification requirements. Fast cleaning and no residue.
(3) No dust or odor: The whole packaging line can be equipped with recycling system as well.

5. Nice appearance

Steady, meticulous work, running smoothly
(1) Steady: Particular materials are used to ensure stable structure.
(2) Meticulous work: Each component is made according to the requirements of art.
(3) Smooth running: The entire packing process is smooth and accurate.